Message from the Founder Trustees & Chairman

As devoted Pakistani, I have always been feeling the pain and sorrows about the miseries and sufferings that the underprivileged and destitute people, the orphans and the special children do face to lead an honorable and comfortable living. They cannot afford proper medical and educational facilities, cannot have enough food and are shelter less and could only dream of a moment of joy. I, therefore, decided in 2005 to establish a foundation so that I could reach the people of poverty stricken society of Pakistan in the cities and villages and share their miseries and suffering. Gradually with the support of my family members and friends, I was able to establish “Al-Sharif Foundation”.

Each and every member of my family and friends contributed generously to the Foundation and it is their help and support that the Foundation has been able to undertake a number of activities and projects for the benefit of the poor. I acknowledge with appreciation the support extended by my family members and friends.

Today Al-Sharif Foundation is helping vulnerable groups of the Pakistan’s society, whether they are homeless, elderly, children or other groups in food, poverty alleviation, establishing funds for deserving families, arranging dowry for poor girls, and helping all deserving human beings of our beloved country, Pakistan, irrespective of religion, caste or sect.

May Allah Almighty guide us to the right path; grant us His wisdom and the resources to help the poor.

Choudhary Muhammad Sharif