Projects/Activities Undertaken Since 2005

Numerous projects and activities have been and continue to be undertaken by Al-Sharif Foundation since 2005 in Samundari, District Faisalabad, including the following:

  • Installation of tube wells along the canal to facilitate the supply of safe drinking water to the people. The provision of safe water will protect against water-borne diseases such Hepatitis and Typhoid;
  • Daily running of free meal outlets (lunch and dinner);
  • Daily provision of free meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner to patients at Civil Hospital and Young Welfare Hospital at Samundari;
  • Monthly arrangement of dowry for marriage of poor girls;
  • Annual arrangement for performance of Hajj and Umrah by underprivileged;
  • Annual Sehri and Iftari arrangements during the holy month of Ramadan for the people;
  • Annual distribution of sweets and hard cash amongst the Christian community on Christmas;
  • Procurement of seven acres of land for the development of a school for special-needs children. The school will provide free treatment, education, clothing, meals, and accommodation for the children.
  • Providing an Online Entrepreneurship training through Pakistani Social Entrepreneurship Academy (P-SEA), a project of Al-Sharif Foundation.  100% Tuition Scholarship provided to those who qualify.